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Active filters

Baofeng UV-6 VHF/UHF Radio...


  • Dual Band
  • VHF -> 136MHz - 174MHz
  • UHF -> 400MHz - 480MHz

BF-888s Radio in UHF

The Baofeng BF-888S model, for its part, includes 16 previously configured channels that can be reprogrammed without any inconvenience from the comfort of any PC. These channels are one of the...

BF-H5 Dual Band Radio

Baofeng Bf-H5 Dual Band High Power...

BF-H6 Dual Band Radio

Baofeng Bf-H6 Dual Band High Power...

BF-N8 in UHF Radio

UV-6D two-way radio is the newly developed by BAOFENG recently, its performances are stable, it is solid and durable. Its creativity and reliability make it a much more potential transceiver

DEP550E Radio WiFi

DGP4150 Radio

DGP6150 Radio

DM-1703 Dual Band Radio

Main Features
DMR Digital Radio
Tier 2 time slots
Crystal Clear Call Quality
Dual Band Repeater
VHF/UHF 136-174/400-470Mhz
2200mAh High Capacity...

EP350MX Radio

Motorola's EP350 MX Series Portable Two-Way Radios are reliable and provide voice communication on the move throughout your facility. The EP350 MX portable radios give you the high-quality...

EP450 Radio

Mini BF-R5 Radio

Baofeng R5 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie with Mini Size, slim fashion design, is easy to carry and talking Range is about 3-5KM.